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Happy Pets Animal Clinic

Vacination,And other treatment for your loving pets in sri laka (Dehiwala area)NO visiting charges for vaccination your pets a your place

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Vet Medi Clinic Batticaloa

Best Veterinary Assistance for your loving pets and farm animals in Batticaloa

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Sanjeewa Aquatics

We use the latest screening technology to identify diseases in order to improve the quality of our fish. Our aim: a healthy harvest. Regular testing,ph monitoring and quality control are daily tas

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Vet Hospital on Fife Road

Is your Pet in need of professional Vet care. Visit our Hospital for the best Vet services and trusty treatments for all kinds of animals and illnesses.We have been serving Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rept

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Dr. Pet Clinic - Kadawatha

We are a Small Animal Clinic located in Kadawatha, in the outskirt of Colombo Sri Lanka. We know how much your pet means to you and your family. That's why we are committed to providing quality and fr

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Jerhigh - Sri Lanka

Healthy and delicious dog snacks made with REAL chicken meat prepared to the same standards that are important to you.At Jerhigh, we understand the importance of giving your dog quality snacks and

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Rishon Aquarium

Exportes Of Live Tropical Fish & Plants

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Cat Protection Trust Sri Lanka

The Cat Protection Trust is the brain child of Indira Sahadevan which was founded in 2012. It is a nonprofit all volunteer operation and has continuity solely on donations received. Indira’s mission

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Global Pets

We specialize in Fancy pigeons. Just enjoy the pictures. Contact if you are interested in any pigeons which are for sale.

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Cockatiels SL

Cockatiels Sri Lanka

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Blue Pet Animal Hospital

Blue Pet Animal Hospital

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